Steam call centre solution – a single platform for customer contact


Steam is the right choice for all your communications with consumers and prospects. Whether you work at a call centre, contact centre, customer relations department, advertiser or you outsource your customer contact, you can profit from Steam. Steam has been designed to ensure optimal performance in the field of customer relations. Steam call centre solution: efficient, distinctive, customer-oriented. In addition, Codelogic is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001: 2015 certified, ensuring you quality and information security throughout the process.


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The power of Steam


Steam offers endless possibilities. Besides inbound and outbound phone calls, it can handle email, chats and video chats, sms/ WhatsApp/ messenger. Even your presence on social media such as Twitter en Facebook can be handled by Steam. It enables you to organise your customer contact in the way that best suits you. Which makes it a complete call centre solution.


Using Steam to set up your inbound call system stimulates innovation and, of course, leads to increased efficiency.


You need to design a system for outbound calls. From now on you can use smart functions provided by Steam.


Blending all your customer contact operations will make your organisation flexible and efficient.


Steam manages all your incoming and outgoing emails.


Chats with customers and ensuring they have a positive experience when dealing with your organisation is also possible with Steam.


With Steam you can send SMS messages to serve as reminders of appointments.

Social Media

Possibilities for communications with your customers through various kinds of social media are fully integrated into Steam. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and Pinterest can be handled effortlessly.


Steam enables you to gain insight into your customer contact processes and keep track of the resulting output.

Integrations (API)

A standard Application Programming Interface allows you to link third-party software to Steam.

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