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Our mission and our vision

We redefine the concept of customer contact and adapt software solutions accordingly, enabling companies to manage all forms of customer contact in a single working environment: Steam. Steam gives you the power to handle each form of customer contact meticulously and efficiently and optimise your customers’ experience.


“Every day we work towards the customer contact of the future.”

Maarten Roosen

Developer & Innovator @ Codelogic

Steam works for you

Steam does exactly what you want it to do. You can keep track of your data, supervise your staff and monitor your processes: basic conditions for improved and more efficient customer contact. You have a clear view and can dedicate more to time to other matters that are equally important. With Steam you can improve the performance of your qualified staff and save costs.

ISO Certified
Codelogic is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified, which means you are assured of quality management for the entire process. ISO 27001 stands for information security and how to process information security with the purpose of ensuring the confidentiality, availability and integrity of information within an organization. With the ISO 9001 certificate, Codelogic guarantees the quality of its services.


The software is subdivided into several layers. This makes it very easy to grant every individual manager access to specific data. By organising the managers into different groups, you make sure they have access to that information which is relevant to them.


Agents are automatically directed to the screen where all your customer contact takes place. As a result, the working environments for managers and agents are completely separate, and stored data and contracts can only be retrieved by specific persons in your organisation.

Your customers

A unique feature of Steam is the possibility to grant the organisations hiring you access to the working environment for managers. Depending on the arrangements you make with them, you can authorise them to log into Steam to view reports and monitor conversations between your agents and their own customers and prospects in real time. At all times, you are in control and in each case you can decide what level of transparency you offer.

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Day in, day out, these people are working on the future of customer contact. If you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us.

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