Outsource your customer service: stay in control

Good customer contact is crucial for business success and growth. But how do you keep control when outsourcing customer service?

Door Renée Müller

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9 September 2021

outsource your customer service

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Scroll over social media for an hour and you’ll know: many companies still fall short when it comes to good customer support and a high NPS. This applies to both in-house contact centres and companies that outsource their customer contact. How do you keep control of all your external contact centres? We give you four tips.

1. Outsource customer service: have the basics in order

It all starts with the basics: the organization of all your contact centres. Imagine that you have a dozen contact centers, each with their own way of working, then outsourcing customer service suddenly becomes a chore. You receive countless Excel sheets, login details for systems and you spend more time getting to know all these systems than you do adjusting them. For the agents on the shop floor, it is no different, because a good customer experience starts with them. Equip them with good software so that they remain motivated and driven and also radiate this to your customers. We all know that call and contact centres have a high turnover of agents, so you need to have your work processes in order. Because if your agents are not happy, neither are your customers.

2. Make sure you are available on your customer’s preferred channel(s)

Next, think about the kind of customer service that fits your brand. How do your customers prefer to interact with your company? Do they still prefer to use the phone? Then provide your agents with good call centre software. But we’re going to tell you something now: the phone is really not the only channel your customers use to get in touch with you. If you’re active on social media, it’s inevitable that you’ll one day offer customer service on it. And research from Forrester shows that the majority of consumers prefer live chat. So what do you need? A omnichannel contact centre solution. You don’t want agents to waste valuable time constantly switching between channels and searching for fragmented pieces of information.

3. Get to know your customers better

Besides offering help and support, it is important that you use your tools to get to know your customers better. Our attention span is short and research shows that Millennials in particular value good customer service more than product quality. If you win loyalty, you’re golden. Companies are increasingly focusing on a 360-degree customer view in order to improve customer support in the future. This is also vital when outsourcing your customer service. It gives your external customer service a boost and delivers better results across the board.

4. Keep monitoring

Also make sure that you can and continue to monitor. Make sure that every request for help to your external customer service is properly followed up on, because this is a crucial part of your company’s reputation. Good monitoring also helps you learn more about your customers and improve your relationship. Monitoring calls and chats from your support department helps your business determine how well you are doing and makes it easier for you to implement future improvement strategies.

5. Comply with laws and regulations

One of the less pleasant aspects of the profession, but very important: make sure you are always compliant with the AVG. Even when outsourcing customer service, you remain in charge of your own data. With software such as Steam-connect, you know exactly who has access to certain data and you can immediately collect all contact history in a central point. Make sure each facility call centre has access to its own data and don’t make things unnecessarily difficult for yourself. Read more about AVG compliance, Telemarketing Code and Telecommunications Act compliance here.

Outsourcing customer service? Make it easy on yourself with the right software

For many companies, outsourcing customer service makes perfect sense. But there are several factors to consider, such as how you operate your contact centres, via which channels and how you comply with various laws. With Steam-connect, you keep control of your external contact centers and ensure that they have a uniform way of working. This will not only make your life easier, but also that of your agents. Curious about all the possibilities? Request a demo without any obligation.

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