The 5 scariest customer service nightmares

Halloween is just around the corner and in the spirit of this spooky time, we have gathered the five scariest customer service nightmares for you. Do they keep you awake too?

Door Renée Müller

1.6 min read

26 October 2021

customer service nightmares

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Customer service nightmares: Everyone who works in customer service has something that keeps them awake at night. We collect the worst ones.

The customer experience is what you’re going to differentiate in 2022. Even despite limited resources, CX leaders can build a great customer experience – in part by simply making smart use of technology.

But we know it’s not easy. A negative review is often enough to keep you awake and an angry customer on the phone will give you chills no matter what. But it’s the same the other way round: customer service doesn’t always have a good reputation and causes a lot of irritation among consumers.

We’ve listed five of the scariest customer service nightmares to help you build a better CX strategy for your brand.

#1 The Revenge of the Telephonist

A man drove his nine-year-old son into a McDonald’s drive through for a quick meal. After waiting 15 minutes for his order, his patience ran out.

He was apparently extremely hungry and asked for his money back. And then things escalated.

The cashier called the manager, who was visibly upset about the refund request. She told the customer, “Yeah, we’re tired of people coming in here saying, ‘It’s taking too long. It takes too long.’ Go somewhere else!”

This really is the cardinal sin of customer service – losing your temper during an interaction with a customer.

The customer immediately uploaded the video of his experience on social media and it didn’t turn out well for the brand. As a brand, McDonalds has built its reputation on speed and efficiency. This experience badly damaged the brand perception of the fast food company.

What should you take away from this? Being polite is perhaps the simplest yet most impactful action that helps brands address dissatisfied customers. Always stay nice and never take your bad mood out on a customer.