How to use WhatsApp Business for your customer contact

WhatsApp is not only great for communicating with family, friends or colleagues, it is also perfectly suited as a contact channel for businesses.

By Christa Lokkerbol

1.9 min read

14 September 2021

WhatsApp Business to get in touch with customers via WhatsApp

With over 2 billion daily users in 180 countries, WhatsApp is the world’s most popular mobile contact channel. The tool is most often used to stay in touch with friends and family. Yet WhatsApp is not only great for communicating with family, friends or colleagues, it is also extremely suitable as a contact channel for businesses. As a customer, how easy is it to just call and ask for some product information?

However, WhatsApp wants to prevent the platform from being abused for commercial purposes. That is why Whatsapp business was developed. An excellent solution for companies to make Apping with customers and potential customers possible.

WhatsApp Business offers companies all possibilities of the consumer WhatsApp version, like voice messages, video calls and sharing photos, videos and documents. In addition, WhatsApp Business also offers extra features that make the solution even more interesting for businesses.

Your mobile business card

First thing you do in WhatsApp Business is create a business profile. This allows you to present your business the way you want to. Add an image, company description, contact details, website details and opening hours, and customers will know right away who they are dealing with.

Customer service via WhatsApp

Use labels to categorise messages according to urgency, for example, or to recognise returning visitors easily. You can use the standard labels or create your own labels which you find useful.

WhatsApp as an additional sales channel

You can use WhatsApp Business perfectly as a kind of mobile shop window. In the catalogue you can create in the app, visitors can view your products or services without leaving the app. Use this option to draw attention to special offers or seasonal products, for example. Complete the catalogue by adding a photo, description, price and link to your website, and the visitor can order the product in no time.

But only on one device and for one user?

There is, however, one drawback to using WhatsApp Business. The phone number of your WhatsApp business can only be used on one device and by one user. This is not very useful if you have a customer contact or customer service department that handles contact through all channels. Of course, you want to avoid a situation where only one employee can answer customers’ WhatsApp messages.

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