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Happy customers and happy agents: what more do you wish for?

With Steam-connect‘s call centre software, you’ll never lose the storyline again. All your customer contact in one interface, for a fixed monthly fee.

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 Callcenter Software
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There is actually nothing you cannot do with call centre software.

That you can use Steam-connect call centre software to make calls is obvious. The fact that Steam-connect is completely omnichannel means you can be reached on all (future) contact channels. So you’ll never lose the storyline again.

In- and outbound

Organise inbound and outbound telephony efficiently. For customer contact, but also for appointment scheduling, lead generation or database enrichment. Can be integrated with office telephony.

Social Media

Call Centre Software goes beyond calls, so we integrate with social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp for Business.


SMS still has a very high open rate and gives your professionalism a boost. So it goes without saying that it is included in Steam-connect. Want to send a reminder of an appointment you made? No problem at all!


Receive and answer all e-mail in the same screen as where other contacts are handled.


Live chat is one of the fastest emerging customer contact channels. With Steam-connect, you can easily add a widget to your customer’s website.

Web forms

Also handle customer contact forms quickly and easily without agents having to switch between screens and tools.


Blending customer contact, regardless of channel, makes your service flexible and efficient. Do this, for example, based on skills or campaign, whatever suits the assignment best.


With our API, you can connect your other packages to Steam-connect, such as your CRM or ERP solution. We also integrate with Salesdock by default.


How busy is it, how effective are your agents and which campaign is the most successful? Steam-connect gives you insight into your entire contact centre.

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call centre software
Callcenter Software

Call centre Software

Control your customer contact and your costs.

With us, you only pay for what you use, which is fair. The system is set up in such a way that you can leave your IT department in peace and your agents suddenly move a lot more time in the same time. What more could you want?

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Create campaigns in an instant

Scripting, processing new address files or deduplicating addresses: with call centre software, you just do it yourself. You can also easily create result codes at campaign level yourself, without a programmer. Or how about linking an IVR, calendar, mail merge and a master database?

Calendar and travel time optimisation

Integrate the call centre software with Microsoft Exchange, Google or Office365. Make use of travel time optimisation and ensure that no account manager ever wastes any time again. Oh and of course the agent can deviate from the standard appointment time.

The finest dashboards & reports

Callcenter software from Steam-connect comes with an extensive reporting module. Create templates or use our standard reports. Do you require customisation? We would be happy to assist you.

customer contact software

Turn your customers into fans with Steam-connect.

Steam-connect is the software platform for all your customer contact. As all channels are managed from a single screen, your employees can fully focus on what they do best. The contact with customers!

Would you like to read more about our implementation process? Download the flyer of Steam-connect customer contact software.

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Simply handle everything yourself

Call centre software is easy to use for every agent. Your agents do all their work in one interface. Management is also a breeze: you can set up the software yourself, without help from the IT department.

Everything in one interface

Customer contact and calendar planning are not the only things you need to do, with our software for call centres you also manage your planning and timetables. Schedule agents in and out, without having to spend a lot of time.

Save money

By offering customer contact efficiently from the right agent, you save money. Oh and with us, you only pay for what you use, per user per month.

Call centre Software

Frequently asked questions about call centre software.

With call centre software, you manage your entire contact centre. From timetable management to appointment scheduling to the actual customer contact: you only need one system to keep your entire company running.

The world is changing and so is customer contact. Where everything used to be done by phone and we had lots of time, things are different nowadays. Call centre software offers many more possibilities than a classic PBX. So you can continue to meet the ever-increasing needs of your customer.

Call centre software is suitable for every company with customer contact. We see that companies that hire a call centre benefit from the software, but also companies that mainly have customer contact via social media use Steam-connect.

The implementation of call centre software is a piece of cake. Together with you, we plan a day to help you get started. Want to read more about the implementation? You can read it in our flyer.

The costs for call centre software depend on the number of seats. Curious about the costs? Our account managers will be happy to calculate the ROI together with you. Request a quote.

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Callcenter Software
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All the functionality I was looking for is built into Steam-connect by default’.

I’ve seen a lot of systems in my career that can’t do what Steam Connect can do. Setting up a new campaign takes no more than a few hours. We can switch quickly, easily add fields or result codes, adjust campaign flows and segment the address database. All this contributes to a deeper and more qualitative follow-up. All the functionalities I was looking for are built into Steam-connect as standard. ‘

Geoffrey Peytier

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With Steam-connect there is room for further growth
of our company’

‘When we started out in telemarketing, we thought we’d get by with an Excel sheet and a couple of Nokias with headsets. Within two days we changed our minds and started looking for a real solution. We soon found it in Steam Connect. It clicked right away during the first meeting. Our request and offer fitted perfectly and it was installed in no time. Steam-connect enabled us to get straight down to business and there is also room for further growth.

Bas Potjes

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