CONSUMIND won over by the flexibility of Steam

Wednesday 28-06-2017 • Customer interview,engels

consumind-horizontaal-oranjeCONSUMIND B.V. devises and develops initiatives in the field of (personal) expenditure. The services provided by its 140 employees help consumers and organisations to make decisions about their daily budgets. CONSUMIND was founded in 2011 and is located in Utrecht. Their website,, is the first concept to be developed by the company MTVTD B.V. (pronounced like the word motivated).

The CONSUMIND website operates as a financial assistant for all major recurring expenses in the household. Every day, a broad team of specialists is ready to assist the consumer regarding concerns about spending in the areas of energy, telecom, insurances, mortgages, private leasing and consumer credit. The call centres employ a 140-strong team of financial assistants who handle around 1 million customer contacts per year and have already helped over 750,000 households to make savings. CONSUMIND has chosen Steam, Codelogic’s cloud-based customer contact software, to act as the hidden force behind all customer contact.

Going for quality

Martin Blokhuis, channel manager at CONSUMIND, explains how his organisation came upon Steam. “We work with a large number of partners. They all use their own telephone platform, and there are numerous data streams going to and fro. We wanted to take on both challenges at the same time by changing our procedures and looking for a new system for customer contact handling. Steam met all quality requirements. The package we were using up to then was too bulky, and we really wanted to go for quality. Steam fits in perfectly with that idea.”

Up and running in the wink of an eye

In its selection procedure, CONSUMIND compared several suppliers and assessed the packages on a range of features, including structure, user-friendliness and system arrangement. Codelogic was chosen because, according to Blokhuis, Steam has a very flexible arrangement, rather than a fixed standard layout. But Codelogic also scored well on the other requirements. “Once you have decided to compare options and drawn up a list of wishes and requirements, you are also eager to get started quickly. A lot of Codelogic’s competitors were unwieldy organisations, with whom it would have taken more than a year to conclude system implementation. Codelogic, on the other hand, was able to have Steam up and running in the wink of an eye.”

Martin Blokhuis 2

Martin Blokhuis asserts: “The system is easy to use; you don’t need to take three days of training to learn how to work with it. The setup is ideal: you can configure and modify the system yourself at any time.”

Win-win situation

CONSUMIND does not only use the Steam telephone platform. The scheduler functionality and the call-back system also contribute to the success of “In the previous system, we sometimes lost data in rather puzzling ways. But now it’s possible for us to do our own data management. Some of the functionality that we require was not built in, but Codelogic promptly developed and rolled those things out. On top of that, they also helped set up the call centre and even gave us a hand with the hardware, including the headsets for our agents.” Blokhuis did need to apply his powers of persuasion to get CONSUMIND’s external partners on board, but he stood firm: “I was convinced that this was the best choice, that it would result in a win-win situation for all of us. And that is exactly what has happened. Once our partners had been put on the new system, they were all wildly enthusiastic!”

Positive cooperation

CONSUMIND is very happy with the cooperation with Codelogic. Not only has system implementation been achieved very quickly, but Codelogic also thinks along with us on other issues. Blokhuis sums up his feeling of satisfaction: “Codelogic is a great organisation to work with. Their approach to software development is very innovative. What’s more, I can always call them, no matter what my question is. The lines of communication are short and the contact is personal. Codelogic is more than just a service provider — in a short period of time they have become a real sparring partner.”

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