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Steam has only one pricing system: charge according to use. You have access to all the features of Steam and new components that are added in the future will be available at no extra cost. Would you like to compare Steam to alternative systems on the market? Request a quote or demonstration and we will calculate how much you can save.

Pay per seat per day

Steam is made available to you on the basis of a licensing system. Pricing is worked out according to use, which means you never pay too much. You only purchase what you need, and therefore you can consider the expense as variable costs. In busy periods, you will use more licenses than in quieter times. There are no charges for use of the management environment: the only cost derives from use of the system by your agents.

Start-up costs are low and in two days you are operational

Steam does not require investments in server facilities or an expensive switchboard, keeping your initial expenses to a minimum. The basic costs of starting with Steam are always the same, regardless of the size of your company.

New features do not come with extra charges

We ensure Steam is always up to date and have wilfully decided to make new features available without increasing the rates charged. We want to make it possible for you to use new functions as soon as they become available. The new possibilities allow you to expand your services and boost your turnover, thereby increasing your use of Steam. This creates a win-win situation leading to the satisfaction of both parties.

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Why Steam?


What are the advantages of Steam in comparison with other solutions for customer contact? The following table shows you at a glance why businesses choose Steam.


  • System implementation
  • Scaling
  • Omnichannel
  • Required level of ICT skills
  • Availability
  • Support
  • Contact options
  • Type of service
  • Outwork possible
  • Pricing model
  • Contract duration
  • Updates
  • Multiple languages

Other software

  • One month on average
  • Must be ordered specifically
  • No
  • ICT specialist
  • Office hours
  • Paid service
  • Email
  • On premises / Via VPN tunnels
  • Usually not possible
  • Number of seats installed
  • At least one year
  • Extra charges
  • Upon request

System implementation

  • Steam

    Within 2 days

  • Other software

    One month on average


  • Steam


  • Other software

    One month on average


  • Steam


  • Other software

    Not possible

Needed ICT knowledge

  • Steam


  • Other software

    ICT specialist


  • Steam


  • Other software

    Office hours


  • Steam


  • Other software

    Paid service

Response possibilities

  • Steam

    Phone / Chat / Email

  • Other software


Type of service

  • Steam

    100% SAAS

  • Other software

    On premises / Via VPN tunnels

Outwork possible

  • Steam


  • Other software

    Usually not possible

Pricing model

  • Steam

    Use per day

  • Other software

    Number of seats installed

Contract duration

  • Steam

    No conditions

  • Other software

    At least one year


  • Steam


  • Other software

    Extra charges

Multiple languages

  • Steam

    5 languages by default

  • Other software

    Upon request

What our customers have to say about Steam

“With Steam we are even more efficient and customer-friendly!”

René Posthuma


“Steam continues to develop and adapts to the ever-changing and dynamic world of customer contact.”

Patricia Schra

@Soleo Contact Centers

“We give Steam a well-deserved 8 out of 10!.”

Hugo van Marlen


Frequently asked questions


Do you have any questions about Steam? We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions for you here. Is your question not included? Then do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.



Can agents receive inbound calls when making outbound calls?

That is possible. The only requirement is that agents are logged in. When you assign tasks you can ensure incoming activity is blended. As well as calls, this includes chats, callbacks, emails and social media messages.

Can I assign callbacks to certain timeframes?

Absolutely. In each campaign, you can specify several times of day to be allotted to callbacks. Records can be linked not only to timeframes, but also to specific days of the week. If your customer wishes to be called during certain intervals or days, Steam will make sure the record is only presented to an agent at the right moment.

Can I send an automatic email to customers after a call?

Yes, but not only emails. With Steam, you can send emails and sms messages during and after calls. You can confirm arrangements, submit quotations and send reminders. You can configure all the options yourself.

How can I import data into Steam?

Data can be loaded into Steam in many ways. The most frequently used procedure is importing data via an Excel upload. You can also present your data via the API. This enables both you and your customers to import data automatically from an external software package.

How can I export data from Steam?

Exporting data is possible at all times. You can monitor the results of the procedure in real time on the Steam interface. Data can be exported to Excel or CSV. You can also automatically present data to an external API. It is possible to set specific export profiles for each of your customers. In short, there are countless possibilities.

Are calls recorded in Steam?

Yes. They are stored for you by default for a period of two months. At any given moment you can export, play, download and edit the recordings.

Can calls be stored for periods longer than two months?

This is possible. You can agree with Codelogic to establish how long recordings are stored. You can easily download recordings yourself or have them exported to your own storage equipment.

Can I monitor the agents’ calls?

With the “real time monitor” you can listen to calls while they are being handled. You can also monitor in real time what the users of the system are doing. You can follow the pages that are being used and check which campaign calls are being made for. Using Steam, nothing will escape your notice!

Which metrics on agents’ activities are registered?

The answer is simple: all. Whether it’s preparation, calling, wrapping up a call or scheduling, every minute an agent is logged in is recorded and stored for you. You can also monitor the duration of activities in real time. With Steam, all your staff can be logged in for the full working day, allowing you to examine the level of productivity in relation to time spent.

Are my Internet connection and my computer fast enough to run Steam?

The minimum requirements for proper functioning of Steam are very reasonable. The bandwidth of your Internet connection should be at least 125 KB up & down per workstation. The minimum hardware you need is an Intel Core 2 Duo E4500, 2.2 GHz processor and 1024 MB of internal memory. The display needs a minimum resolution of 1024 x 780.

How safe is Steam?

A large number of security measures has been built into Steam. For example, you can set timeframes during which a user is authorised to log in. You can secure accounts with a password or set up a passgrid which gives users a different password each time they log in. You can also whitelist your Steam IP to avoid your system being accessed from locations other than your own network. Your data are securely stored in a state-of-the-art data centre which meets the strictest security standards and is ISO compliant. At Codelogic, we consider security to be of paramount importance.

I have no technical knowledge. Will I be able to work with Steam?

You do not need technical knowledge. Steam is aimed at the ordinary user. Our interface will guide you step by step, enabling you to set up a fully functional contact centre without turning to an IT specialist.

Can I deduplicate my files in Steam?

In Steam you can deduplicate telephone numbers and avoid calling the same customers more than once.

How does Steam handle voicemail?

That is completely up to you.

Can I use Steam at several locations?

Your virtual switchboard and Steam itself are both web-based. This means you are not tied to a specific location. All you need to carry out your work is a computer and an Internet connection.

I have no experience with software packages. Can I get help?

The full Codelogic team is there for you, day and night. You can reach us by phone, chat and email. For our support team there is no such thing as a silly question. You can always contact us for assistance and questions or to discuss ideas.

I don’t have a call centre. Is Steam the right choice for my organisation?

Steam is of use in any company that deals with customer contact. With Steam you can ensure your staff can focus on the contact activities presented by the system. In your role as a manager, you can determine how to present and distribute incoming and outgoing traffic. Steam helps you to save time and makes sure you never miss an appointment. No phone calls, emails, chats or social media messages need to be left unanswered.

I have 100 staff, but only 50 active users every day. Do I need to pay for 100 accounts?

No. When you use Steam, you only pay for the users who are actually at work on the system. So, costs will increase as your organisation grows, but they will go down when you find yourself in periods with less activity.

Kan ik mijn eigen telefoonnummers in Steam gebruiken?

Absoluut. Al vanaf het moment dat u start kunt u uw eigen telefoonnummers gebruiken.

I don’t have any phone numbers. Can I apply for numbers through Steam?

You can apply for an unlimited number of subscriptions to make outgoing calls. You can also decide which geographical area you want them based in. This service is of course provided against a fee.

Can I create reports in Steam?

In Steam you can track all your statistics, export them and compile relevant reports. You can use numerous filters to adapt the report design to your needs. Would you like to generate reports on individual campaigns? Present data on each location? On each provider or even on a single agent? There are countless possibilities.

Can I use Steam without a telephone function?

Certainly. What Steam does is to present the right task to the right user at the right moment. The action the user is expected to perform does not necessarily have to be making a phone call. Steam is particularly suitable for allocating all the tasks to be carried out in your organisation.

Do I need to have my own switchboard to make calls in Steam?

The Steam environment has a built-in virtual switchboard. So you do not need to acquire your own. Currently, it is not possible to integrate your own switchboard into your Steam environment.

Can I port my existing series of phone numbers to Steam?

If your numbers are not tied to a contract, you can readily port them to your virtual switchboard. From the Steam switchboard you can also operate your landline phones. This means that the costs of all your telephone activity, whether within Steam or not, can be presented neatly in a single invoice.

Is it possible to develop new functions if the need arises for my company?

Our customers come first. We are happy to develop functions which you feel are lacking. Every good idea is valuable and guides the development of our service.

Is there a minimum or a maximum for the number of users in Steam?

That depends entirely on your own needs. Steam can help small companies to assign tasks to a small number of users, but it also offers solutions for big-data call centres where hundreds of agents are working simultaneously. It’s all possible in Steam!

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