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"The system is easy to use, you don't need three days of training to learn how to work with it. The set-up is ideal: you can compile and adapt it yourself at any time." 

Martin Blokhuis Consumind
About Consumind

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CONSUMIND B.V. conceives and develops initiatives in the area of (personal) spending. With their services, the 140 CONSUMIND employees help consumers and organisations to make decisions about their daily budget. The website is the first concept developed by the company MTVTD B.V. (pronounced as Motivated). CONSUMIND was founded in 2011 and is based in Utrecht.

The website acts as a financial assistant for all major household expenses. A large team of specialists is available to consumers every day when it comes to spending on energy, telecom, insurance, mortgages, private leasing and consumer credit. With a team of 140 financial assistants, the call centre has already helped more than 750,000 households save money and handles around 1 million customer contacts per year. CONSUMIND, chose Steam, the cloud-based customer contact software from Codelogic, as the silent force behind all customer contact.

Going for quality

Martin Blokhuis is channel manager at CONSUMIND and explains how his organisation came across Steam. “We work with a large number of partners. They all use their own telephony platform and there are many data streams going back and forth. We were able to tackle both challenges together by changing our procedures and finding a new system for handling customer contacts. Steam met all our quality requirements. The previous package was too massive; we really wanted to go for quality. Steam fits perfectly in that picture.”

Quickly operational

CONSUMIND compared several suppliers in its selection process and evaluated the packages on, among other things, structure, user-friendliness and system set-up. Codelogic was chosen because Steam is not a standard package, but is very flexible, Blokhuis says. Codelogic also scored high on the other requirements. “When you decide to compare parties and draw up a list of requirements, you want to get started quickly. Many of Codelogic’s competitors were unwieldy organisations that would take over a year to implement. Steam, on the other hand, could be operational quickly.”

Win-win situation

CONSUMIND not only uses Steam’s telephony platform. The calendar functionality and the call-back system also contribute to the success of “In the old system, we sometimes mysteriously lost data. Now we can manage it ourselves. Anything that was missing in the functionality, Codelogic quickly developed and rolled out internally. Not only that, they also helped set up the call centre and even helped with the hardware, including the headsets for our employees. Blokhuis did need some persuasion to get CONSUMIND’s external partners on board, but he persevered. “I was convinced that this was the best choice, it would create a win-win situation for all of us. And it proved to be the case. Once our partners were switched over to the new system, they were all thrilled!”

Beautiful collaboration

CONSUMIND is very pleased with the collaboration with Codelogic. Not only did the implementation go very quickly, Codelogic also thinks along with us about other issues. Blokhuis summarizes his satisfaction as follows: “Codelogic is a great party to work with. The way they develop software is very innovative. Moreover, I can always call, no matter what question I have.  There are short lines and the contact is personal. Codelogic is more than just a supplier; in a short time, they’ve become a real sparring partner.”

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