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Essent Belgium puts facility contact centres on Steam-connect

Thanks to Steam-connect, we can now monitor exactly how our telephone customer acquisition is going.

Colin Phillips manager Marketing & Sales at Essent Belgium
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Pioneering is in the DNA of Essent Belgium. As far as is known, the energy supplier is the first in the Benelux to purchase a software package and to have it implemented at the various facilities contact centres that make outbound calls for Essent Belgium. To get a better grip on the process. With Steam. From Codelogic.

Colin Phillips is Marketing & Sales Manager at Essent Belgium and one of the architects of this unique solution. We had insufficient insight into how potential customers of Essent Belgium were being called by the facility contact centres we worked with,’ he says. That situation was undesirable. After all, Essent Belgium wants to do as much acquisition as possible, but new customers must be won based on the specific values that the energy company propagates. The innovative, sustainable energy supplier is part of the pan-European Innogy. This includes being honest and correct with our customers. With respect for the Don’t-call-me-again list. Without unnecessary sales pressure in the acquisition’, says Phillips. It is important that a new customer chooses us with conviction and a positive experience.

Scalable and flexible

Essent Belgium has outsourced outbound calls to different facility contact centres. Each contact centre uses up to 50 seats to perform cold acquisition. All seven centres now work with the Steam platform from Codelogic.
Codelogic, purchased by Essent Belgium and implemented by the supplier within two weeks. This is possible so fast because Steam has a Software as a Service (Saas) model. This means that the package runs in the cloud on external servers and is also maintained there. Agents working with Steam are logged on to the platform without the software being on their own computer. Maximum scalability and flexibility are the result. According to Phillips, Steam was the only package that has a standard link with the Belgian Bel-me-nietmeer list, one of the requirements of Essent Belgium.

Win-win situation

Thanks to Steam, we can now follow exactly how the telephone canvassing of our customers is going. The partners we work with know our quality requirements and ….. Read more

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