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Read in the interview with Steam-connect customer M+ Group how they are building a strong organisation and were able to take a step forward thanks to Steam-connect.

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About M+ group

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At the end of February 2019, CustomerFirst published an interview with Steam connect client M+ Group. In it, commercial director Dave Geukes and manager client Kris Bozic explain how they are building a strong organisation. They also discuss how they were able to take a step forward thanks to Steam.

About M+ Group

mplusM+ Group is a specialist in answering customer contact issues. “We operate like a football team,” Dave Geukes describes the company. Although we share the same DNA, everyone has their own talents. That is how we build a strong organisation: by bringing together all the different disciplines. According to Kris Bozic, the best results are achieved when the business units work together and when there is interaction with the customer. Then we are the best in our skin.

Switching to Steam

M+ Group switched to Steam connect in 2012 because of the platform’s future-readiness. More and more customer contact is taking place via the internet and social media. It is fairly easy for developers to configure Steam for their campaigns. This makes us very flexible and allows us to anticipate future questions from clients. If, for example, a new communication channel is added, we can facilitate this. Using Steam was a first step for us in the new communication possibilities.’

Another reason for choosing Steam is that Codelogic thinks ahead. For example, Steam opens up channels even before they are used by consumers. Chat, for example, was already built in, even though people hardly ever chatted. We don’t have to ask if certain options can be implemented, because they’re already there. What’s more, Steam also communicates with external systems, so you can create links with them.

Good interaction

Codelogic and the M+ Group maintain a good relationship with each other, one that goes beyond the traditional relationship between customer and supplier. We speak with Codelogic periodically to see where the market is going and how we can anticipate that.
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