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With Steam-connect, Uitblinqers makes customer contact more personal, more efficient and more fun. Read the interview with Uitblinqers from Customer First.

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“We try to be different and that is well received”, commercial director Bas Diepeveen enthusiastically began to elaborate on Uitblinqers. This company, founded about 2.5 years ago by Hugo Gubbels, specialises in customer contact and sales. It also offers consultancy services for the realisation of, for example, a better online customer contact design. By working only with HBO and WO students, Uitblinqers is able to handle (commercial) customer contact on a level that brands themselves cannot. .

The still young Uitblinqers shows impressive growth figures, generates a healthy ROI for its clients and most importantly, the customers are satisfied. “We have thought of a way to make customer contact more personal, more efficient, more fun and therefore more successful for everyone. This applies not only to our clients and their customers, but also to our employees. In addition, our clients can save costs by organising customer contact more efficiently and optimising the return from the conversations in a natural way. This includes cross- and upselling, for example, but also the reduced dispatch of mechanics”, Diepeveen points out.

“Our students become true ambassadors of the brand. That is of course only possible if you work for real A-brands. They enjoy working at Uitblinqers; they can learn in a nice, competitive atmosphere and have fun parties, which leads to friendship and sometimes even infatuation. Because of their background and fast learning curve, they are able to give a good answer and just that little bit extra in their own way. The more complex, the more challenging: at one of our clients, for example, our workforce is the only desk in front of the selection menu (IVR)”.


“We really like our collaboration with Codelogic. It is a reliable and pleasant partner, which grows along with the demand in the market”, says Diepeveen. The solution mentioned is just as appealing, he continues. “All contacts – social, mail, telephony, chat – can easily be handled from one platform. This keeps our ambassadors working continuously and gives them more pleasure in the variety of answering questions from the different channels. An additional advantage is that Steam-connect continues to improve through integrations with partners such as Obi4wan, for the handling of webcare, and a link with Relay42 that allows Uitblinqers to use customer and behavioural data more intelligently”.

By using Steam, the brand ambassadors have all possible ways to help the customer in one screen. “So the customer who first asked a question via Facebook and then calls about it later gets as much as possible the same ambassador on the line. So they don’t have to tell their whole story again. That is the personal contact that makes customers happy.

Read here the full article in the latest CustomerFirst.

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