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Below are the most frequently asked questions about Steam-connect. Is your question not listed here? Please fill in the contact form and we’ll be happy to help.

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How secure is Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:14:05+02:00

Steam-connect features a wide range of security measures. You decide which users are allowed to log in and when. You can protect accounts with a password or a passgrid that provides the user with a different password for each login. You can also whitelist your entire Steam-connect environment. This way you can prevent logins from locations other than your own network. Your data is also secure and stored in a state-of-the-art data centre that meets the strictest security standards and (ISO) certifications. Security is our top priority.

I have no experience with a software package, is there any help available?2021-08-23T12:17:14+02:00

The entire Steam-connect team is at your service day and night. You can reach us by phone, chat and email. No question is too crazy for our care team and you can always reach us for help and questions, or to work out ideas.

I don’t have a call centre, is Steam Connect suitable for my organisation?2021-08-23T12:18:42+02:00

Yes, it is. Steam-connect is applicable in every company that deals with customer contact. Steam-connect ensures that your employees only need to concentrate on the customer contact that is offered to them. As a manager, you determine how incoming and outgoing traffic is offered and distributed. Steam-connect prevents you from losing time or missing appointments. You also don’t have to leave a phone call, email, chat or social media message unanswered.

I have 100 employees, but only 50 active users a day. Do I have to pay for all 100 accounts?2021-08-23T12:19:34+02:00

No. In Steam-connect, you only pay for the users who actually perform activities in the system. This means that your costs will only increase as your organisation grows, and will decrease again when you enter a quiet period.

Can I use my own phone numbers in Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:20:11+02:00

Absolutely. From the moment you start, you can use your own telephone numbers.

I don’t have any phone numbers. Can I get them through Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:20:38+02:00

You can request unlimited numbers to call out. You can decide for yourself in which region you want the numbers. Of course, there are costs associated with this service.

Can I report in Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:21:09+02:00

Steam-connect allows you to track, report and export all your statistics. In addition, you can apply an endless number of filters to your reporting requirements. Would you like to report per campaign, per branch office, per supplier or even per agent? It is entirely up to you.

Can I use Steam-connect without telephony?2021-08-23T12:21:41+02:00

You certainly can. Steam-connect ensures that the right task, at the right time, is offered to the right user. Of course, the action expected of the user does not necessarily have to be a phone call. Steam-connect is ideal for distributing all your work assignments within your organization.

Do I need to have my own telephone system to make calls in Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:22:19+02:00

Your Steam-connect environment has its own virtual telephone exchange. There is no need to purchase a telephone exchange.

Can I integrate Steam-connect with my office telephony?2021-08-23T12:23:18+02:00

You certainly can. This integration gives your agents insight into the availability of the rest of your business and leaves you with just one point of contact for all your telephony services.

Can I port my own number range to Steam-connect?2021-08-23T12:24:04+02:00

If your numbers are contract-free, you can easily port them to your virtual telephone exchange. You can also control fixed telephones from your exchange. This will ensure that all your telephone costs are neatly summarised on a single invoice, both within and outside Steam-connect.

Can additional functionalities be developed if I need them?2021-08-23T12:24:38+02:00

In Steam-connect, the user is central. If you are missing functionalities, we will be happy to develop them for you. Every good idea is valuable and determines the development of our product.

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