Future-proof thanks to a major update

Monday 27-05-2019 • engels,General,Innovation

Codelogic has recently invested a great deal of time and energy in continuing the development of its customer contact platform Steam-connect to be ready for the future. Up until now, many companies only use telephone and email as their main customer contact channels. But more and more companies also want to set in motion the other types, such as chat, social media and WhatsApp, aiming to offer customers the freedom to choose their preferred channel. There are, however, only a few suppliers who can deliver solutions for all forms of customer contact.

With Steam-connect, the customer contact department enjoys the possibility to handle, direct and gain insight into all forms of customer contact in a highly efficient way within a single environment. CTO Maarten Roosen explains what is going to be added to the platform in response to the increasing demand for realising Multi Channel customer contacts.

Handling several customer contact moments at the same time

This option is not only going to be rolled out for telephone calls, but across all inbound channels. “At every level, agents are able to see — by channel, by campaign, or by project — where the longest waiting customers are,” says the Chief Technical Officer. “For example, if you see that someone has already been waiting for a minute, you can select them sooner. Generally, the person who has been waiting the longest is picked first, but this option will soon enable supervisors to give more responsibility to the agents. For example, they can choose waiting customers who are in danger of suffering a breach of an SLA. A company can also award a customer a specific status, say gold, silver or bronze. Then, if the agent sees that it is an important customer, they can choose to speak to that person sooner. Depending on the wishes of the company using Steam-connect and the skills of their agents, the possibilities of the new features can be adjusted. After the update, it will also be possible to handle various calls at the same time, just as switchboard operators do. An agent can put people on hold and take another call, so that telephone traffic is controlled more effectively and SLAs can be met.”

Business direction more effectively attuned to SLAs

After the update, the user will have access to two important new features. First, the functionalities for the agents, described above. Then there are the reports and control options which are very important for supervision and management to gain appropriate insights. Setting up different SLAs at the channel level gives the customer insight as to whether the reached agreements are being adhered to. For example, telephony, the most well-known channel, has an SLA which states that 80% of all calls are to be answered within 20 seconds. Email, however, functions with very different SLAs — for example that 80% of all received messages has to be answered within 8 business hours. In Steam, of course, the user can adjust this in a completely flexible way. Steam users can adjust all settings on all channels themselves, make them transparent and direct the organisation accordingly.

Overview and control

These possibilities mean that companies no longer have to be hesitant about the opening of new channels, because all contact can be handled via Steam. Agents don’t have to be logged in on several programs to be able to operate the desired channel. In addition, Steam users have a proper overview and full control over the handling of the customer contacts. “The big advantage is that it is a single platform which we manage completely,” Roosen explains. “Whether there’s an incoming chat, phone call or email message, we route it to the agent. All based on the settings which the user considers are best suited to its own particular company policy. You can also generate reports in order to gain insight into whether the SLAs have been kept to.”

The new rules for telemarketing

It is a fact that new regulations are going to be introduced and that this will, in large measure, affect the outbound-oriented sector. It is clear that the sector needs to get ready for a turbulent period and for Codelogic this is not a time to sit back and relax. With this major update, the company behind Steam intends to make features available which offer agents more options for inbound contact. As CTO Maarten Roosen asserts: “There are all sorts of reasons why people no longer want to be called. So, a shift is taking place in the industry from outbound to inbound. Everybody thinks that the new telemarketing rules are going to make outbound calling considerably more difficult. Therefore, we asked ourselves how we could help our customers with the transition from outbound to inbound. It’s something we are learning from the market, and that’s why we’ve given it priority. After this update, customers will be able to do more with Steam and gain more insight. We are convinced that this makes them ready for the future.”

Steam users will be able to start operating with the new features in June. Coinciding with the update, training videos will be available on the portal so that our customers can learn how to use the new features. “It won’t be all that difficult,” Roosen concludes. “If they need assistance, they can call our support team, which offers help free of charge. I am highly confident that the customers will be very contented with this update.”

Text: BBP media, Translation: Codelogic