Improved customer experience through use of the chat channel

Monday 17-12-2018 • engels,General

It is a long-known fact that chat is an important customer contact channel for call centres, contact centres and webcare departments. Research carried out in 2017 shows that 10% of the contact at an outsourced call centre takes place through live chat. In addition, communication forms such as (web) chat and messenger are rapidly gaining in popularity, including in the business market. Consumers are increasingly going for 1-to-1 contact, expect a prompt reply to their question and want to approach the organisation in a convenient, low-threshold way. That makes chat an excellent solution.

But how can you make sure your organisation is readily accessible through chat?

Steam can handle all your customer contact, including chat!

For many contact centres and webcare departments, the need to use several systems to manage all customer contact channels poses a challenge. As a result, the workload is not distributed properly, there is no clear overall picture of the full set of channels, and agents cannot retrieve the full contact history. With Steam, however, you can manage all customer contact in a single system.

In Steam, your agents handle all incoming and outgoing calls, emails and SMS messages. At the same time, any incoming requests from messenger, social media and chat are routed to them. The agents are not aware that the powerful solution OBI4wan is being used to manage this.

OBI4wan is the predominant tool for media monitoring, webcare, chatbots and media insights. Thanks to the smart integration between Steam and OBI4wan, agents can handle all customer contact from within a single system. To Steam it doesn’t matter whether the request arrives over the phone or through email, SMS, WhatsApp, messenger or chat. Incoming requests can even be blended with outbound calling. This means that contact requests are no longer overlooked, the customer is attended to promptly, and the agents have insight into the full contact history of the customer.


Maintaining 1-to-1 customer contact is expensive. Steam enables you to very efficiently handle your customer contact, but you can go even further. You can, for example, use a smart chatbot to deal with simple service requests. The customer is promptly attended to and your agents have more time to work on complex issues. Codelogic manages this together with its partner Obi4wan.

Also for your sales department

Added to the fact that chat is an excellent channel for webcare and service, a study by research agency Forrester shows that proactive live chat enables you to significantly increase the chance of making a sale. So, if you are already using Steam to actively approach prospects, then complement the setup with a live chat to make your sales efforts even more successful.

Are you interested in improving customer experience by using chat or social media? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.