“Hey, my name is Calvin Tichelaar and I’ve been working for almost two years as a support engineer at Codelogic. We’re growing very fast, and that’s why we’re looking for a colleague to join our team.

Working at Codelogic doesn’t feel like work at all. I came here two years ago as a trainee, and from day one I felt like a full member of the team. You’re quickly included in the group, we’re not just colleagues but friends, even outside the office. I think that’s the best thing you can find. We are very well used to each other and we know what we can expect from each other.

Who are you?

You are someone who is crazy about software. You love to understand software and get creative with it. But that’s not all:

  • You’re very social and you care about making our customers happy. You won’t do it for anything less than tears of happiness 😉 😉 You are a real go-getter.
  • You are a real go-getter. Sitting still is not for you and you set the bar a bit higher every day.
  • You have strong analytical skills and are good at thinking out of the box. If the right answer is not available, you are able to keep going until you have found a solution.
  • You have an excellent command of the Dutch and English languages, both verbally and in writing; we see French as a bonus.
  • You are flexible in your working hours and a real team player.
  • Experience in the customer contact/call centre sector is a plus.
  • Oh and you can stand to lose. We also love a game of football, table football, darts, air hockey and snooker.

What does a working day at Codelogic look like?

The work itself is extremely varied. One moment you’re on the phone with a client and the next moment you’re testing some software. For our clients, you’re a lifesaver and you help them organise their customer contact as efficiently as possible. You do this omnichannel: our customers know where to find you by phone, chat, e-mail and social media.

And if it’s quiet for a while? Then we kick a ball around together or learn something new.

And who are we?

We are Codelogic, a dynamic and self-willed software company. We develop call centre software and ensure that our customers can offer an optimal customer experience, wherever and whenever they want. We’re a close-knit group and a really warm company. The departments get on well together, also outside working hours. You can always contact anyone, whether it’s Dennis (CEO) or a colleague who just started.

About our customers…

Our customers are great (and no, that is not a slime). They are super accommodating and it is actually very pleasant to have conversations with them. They really don’t just call to report problems, but also when they just need help with something. With some customers I have conversations that I could have with a friend and that is of course very cool.

For me it is very rewarding work, because even if you help customers with something that you think is small, they are still very happy. They know they can come to us for problems, that we are always available and that we think along with them and have a solution. Your ultimate goal is to hear that thank you and to have a customer who is happy with your solution. Because the next time he calls, he will still have that in mind.

What do we offer you?

In addition to a job that doesn’t feel like work, we also offer good terms of employment, a good salary and you get the chance to develop further. There is plenty of room for training and expanding your range of tasks. So it’s great fun!

Would you like to become my colleague?

Are you social, do you have affinity with software and do you think you fit in our team? Then apply by filling in the form below. Who knows, we might soon be kicking a ball around in the break!


Fill in the form and we will contact you within a week. Do you have any questions about the vacancy? Then please call:


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Fill in the form and we will contact you within a week. Do you have any questions about the vacancy? Then please call:

  • Max. file size: 256 MB.
  • Max. file size: 256 MB.