M+ Group — Doing more for the customer

Thursday 28-02-2019 • Customer interview,engels

At the end of February 2019, CustomerFirst published an interview with Steam-connect user M+ Group. During the interview, commercial director Dave Geukes and client manager Kris Bozic explain how they are building a strong organisation. They also describe how they managed to make headway thanks in part to Steam.

About M+ Group

M+ Group is a specialist organisation in addressing customer contact issues. “We operate like a football team,” says Dave Geukes as he draws a picture of the company. “Although we all share the same DNA, everyone has their own talents. Bringing together a wide range of disciplines is how we build a strong organisation.” According to Kris Bozic, you can make the most of a company when collaboration between business units and interaction with the customer are both achieved. “That’s when we’re most at ease with ourselves.”

Switching to Steam

In 2012, M+ Group switched to Steam-connect because the platform is future-proof. “More and more customer contact was taking place on the Internet and social media. It is relatively easy for developers to configure campaigns in Steam. As a result, we are flexible and we can anticipate future demands from customers. For example, if a new communication channel is added, we can provide assistance in that operation. For us, using Steam was a first step forward within the new communication possibilities.”

Another reason for choosing Steam is that Codelogic thinks ahead. “Steam opens up channels even before consumers are using them. Chat, for example, was already a built-in feature at a time when the channel was hardly used at all. This means we don’t need to ask if certain options might be implemented, because they are already there. What’s more, Steam also communicates with external systems, allowing you to set up links to them.”

Great interaction

Codelogic and the M+ Group maintain a healthy relationship that goes beyond the traditional exchange between supplier and customer. “We have regular discussions with Codelogic to look at where the market is heading and how we can anticipate developments,” Bozic says. Geukes gives an example: “We are talking with another party that works in quotation tooling and it would be great if that could be integrated into Steam. Codelogic has now gone on to discuss things directly with that party to see if it is possible.” In addition to the discussions at operational level, M+ Group employees have frequent contact with the people at Codelogic, according to Geukes: “Our developers can get support through a chat or a call to the Codelogic back office. In this regard, we have very good interaction with Codelogic and they are always open to new things.” Bozic also speaks highly of the collaboration. “Back then, the choice we made to switch to Steam was also based on the fact that we hit it off so well with them. You’re always trying to find the right partners for your organisation, and we found them in Codelogic. It is a forward-looking and innovative organisation, and that dovetails completely with our approach to serving our customers.

Text: BBP media, Translation: Codelogic