Codelogic spreads its opportunities in customer contact

Top man Dennis Schabracq and commercial director Daniel Cools give their ambitious vision of the future of customer contact and Codelogic.

By Christa Lokkerbol

3.5 min read

17 December 2020

Codelogic spreads its opportunities in customer contact

Customer contact software is popular in this coronary crisis. At least, that is what Codelogic, the Dutch developer and supplier of Steam-connect, with which all forms of customer contact can be handled, notices. Top man Dennis Schabracq and commercial director Daniel Cools give their ambitious vision of the future of customer contact and Codelogic. “We are going to conquer Europe.”

Codelogic is doing well in these corona times. “It’s been a weird year, but we certainly can’t complain,” says CEO Schabracq, “Our service has really boosted the number of users. That’s because our software solution Steam-connect is ideal for home workers. All you need is a computer with internet access and a headset.”

Steam-connect offers the ability to handle all forms of customer contact, from email to social media, from telephony to chat. As many as 150 million customer contacts have passed through the platform this year, a third more than a year earlier. In eleven years’ time, the company has built up a market share of 22 percent in the Dutch facility call centre sector. Innovation and expansion is ongoing. For example, the organization is not only based in Beverwijk, but also in Morocco (with its own development team) and London. This spring, telecom company Combird was acquired and a German takeover is in the pipeline. “That will certainly not be the last acquisition either.”


“We have deliberately rolled out an international strategy,” says Schabracq, “In addition to the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, we also want to be active in England next year. We are first waiting to see what kind of Brexit deal will be made. We want to serve a broader market, so that our business model will not fall apart if one of our markets suddenly has different rules for customer contact. Although there is no immediate prospect of that happening, as an entrepreneur you always have to take various scenarios into account.”

Corona, of course, was also a scenario to anticipate. That went flexibly. Currently, 98 per cent of the staff work from home. “Our existing customers immediately had the right software ready to deal with this change,” says Daniël Cools, commercial director of Codelogic. “Other companies also knew how to find us afterwards. People choose software like ours more quickly.”


The takeover of Combird earlier this year fits in with the ambition to be independent. “We started this year to also function as a telecom operator,” Cools says. “By linking our own telephony platform to Steam-connect we can better serve the customer and are no longer dependent on third parties. It provides a better synergy between call centres and office telephony.” Schabracq adds: “Many telephony platforms come with customer contact solutions, but that is often just not it. Customer contact software is very complex. We expand the other way around, with success.”

The Codelogic group is also growing internationally. “Our product deserves to serve not only the Dutch market,” says Schabracq, “Customer contact does not stop at the border. We want to grow along with our international customers. Moreover, a German call centre prefers to do business with a German supplier. That is why we are taking over a German competitor.”

Holy grail

Codelogic began in 2009 as a small challenger that grew bigger and more influential every year. “In doing so, we always based ourselves on user needs that we collected from the market ourselves,” says Cools. “In these conversations, we used the credo: our platform is not the holy grail, but we can make it one together. Our pricing was also different: customers did not pay for the number of workstations they purchased, but for the number they actually used each day. That’s how you create goodwill. Moreover, giving advice has always been part of our service. That is why we have also invested in our staff’s advisory capacity.

Looking to the future, Schabracq and Cools expect further international growth. “We want to conquer Europe. Every country needs customer contact, so there are opportunities everywhere. We will start with Germany, but will certainly also aim for other countries. Language is not an issue, because our software is completely multilingual. Not every language is available, but that can always be delivered quickly.” Translated with (free version)

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