New: opt-in integration between Steam-connect & Salesdock

Since the amendment of the Telecommunications Act, an opt-in is more important than ever. To combat obfuscation, Steam-connect and Salesdock are now introducing opt-in integration.

By Renée Müller

1.4 min read

1 November 2021

Opt-in integration Steam-connect and Salesdock

On 1 July 2021, the change in the dutch law of the took effect. An important law, in which a few things have changed with regard to opting in telemarketing. From now on the opt-out system is an opt-in system and an opt-in must be properly recorded. To better record the opt-in from now on, Steam-connect and Salesdock have made an integration.

Steam-connect and Salesdock already had an integration that automatically exchanges data between the two platforms. This is now joined by opt-in integration, which responds to a clouded energy market. “When you call Steam-connect and record that you are allowed to call a customer, this is automatically recorded in the order,” explains Mark Hekkelman, CEO of Salesdock. “That way the supplier knows that the customer has actually given permission to be called.”

More quality energy sales

With the integration, energy suppliers can ‘clean up’ the channel. “Many energy contracts are taken out by customers who are mugged. They were on an old call list and are approached without their consent. The ACM wants consumers to be better protected at the front end. We now make the entire chain transparent, from the first phone call to the actual signature. That way you get more qualitative sales and protect consumers.” Thanks to the integration, you can record the opt-in of every customer and listen back. Hekkelman: “This way the burden of proof is complete.”

Close borders

Telemarketing does not have a good name in the market. “People are looking for the edges and with this opt-in integration we are making the edges watertight again. From now on you have the original opt-in with every signed contract.”

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