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These are good times for Codelogic and their customer contact platform Steam-connect. The number of clients is growing, as is the software, which has been expanded to include office telephony.

By Christa Lokkerbol

4.3 min read

9 July 2020

dennis in customer first

These are good times for Codelogic and their customer contact platform Steam-connect. The number of customers continues to grow, as does the software, which was recently expanded to include office telephony. “We are a fully-fledged, stable player in the market and can compete with the very big providers in terms of functionality.”

Dennis Schabracq, CEO of Codelogic: “We started about twelve years ago with our cloud platform for customer contact, Steam-connect, which we developed entirely in-house. By integrating with specialists such as OBI4wan and Salesdock, we have added extra functionality for our customers. We have now also acquired a party and are in the process of fully integrating this software into Steam-connect. This results in an expansion of our very mature and stable product. Due to the specific functionality for both contact centers and office telephony, Steam-connect fits into any organization.”

It is a logical development at a time when many organizations would like to handle all contact channels on one platform. “Working within a single platform is an absolute must for the efficient handling and monitoring of customer contact. From the contact centre’s point of view, it is important to offer employees all channels such as telephone, e-mail, chat, social media and Whatsapp within the same system. This way, they do not have to switch from one application to another. By combining the customer contact software with the office telephony, it also becomes very easy to consult a colleague about a question or problem. If different systems are used for different channels and the contact centre is separate from the office telephony, you lose a lot of efficiency.”

Always customer contact

“This centralised approach is also very customer-friendly. Whichever channel someone chooses, he always ends up with the right employee. The request appears on the employee’s screen automatically. He does not have to retrieve anything from a system and cannot do any ‘cherry picking’ either. The priority is determined by the SLAs of the organisation, but as far as I am concerned, an e-mail should be answered as quickly as a telephone call. It is strange that the former is often set for 24 hours or more and the latter for ‘answer as soon as possible’, isn’t it?


“All communication from one application and one screen is great for all employees, both in the contact centre and at home. Emails, social media messages and chats are offered fully automated, based on skills or campaigns, for example. The integration of Microsoft Teams and an internal chat module, for example, are on the development roadmap. By adding these functionalities, with a good internet connection and a headset, you can work anywhere as if you were in the office. That’s the great advantage of a cloud platform. I still see many organisations struggling with dedicated platforms. Before someone can work from home, software has to be installed and a VPN is needed, for example. That requires a lot of support from an IT department.

The moment that suddenly everyone has to work from home as much as possible, this causes a lot of stress and wastes time. With SaaS, Software as a Service, and CaaS, Communication as a Service, you really can work anywhere with just the Internet and a headset. The fixed-mobile integration, which we can offer through the recent acquisition, also contributes enormously to this. A fixed number can then be answered and forwarded via a mobile phone without any problems. Organisations cannot do without such flexibility because you want to be able to respond quickly to all kinds of unforeseen circumstances.”

Safety and availability first

“For us, security and availability are paramount. We have been certified for ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 for four years. We are now in the preparatory phase of becoming ISO certified for the AVG. This shows that we have our internal processes and data security fully in order and indicates our maturity as an organisation. Twelve years ago, we entered the market as a ‘challenger’ and in the meantime we have developed into a reputable and reliable party. Unfortunately, this is still far from being a standard in our sector. There are still many parties without such an ISO certification, while data security and privacy, especially when it comes to contact with customers, are really important themes. We are also working with our data centre supplier on a completely new layout for our server park, based on the latest proven technology. In this way, we can continue to guarantee the highest possible availability.”

Better off for the customer

“We are convinced that the customer is better off with us. Our software is really all ours. Thanks to our almost 50 employees, our support is well organised and continuity is guaranteed. In the facility contact centre market, we have a market share of more than 20%. We are also active in several countries. We can absolutely measure up to the large, international providers when it comes to functionality. But with us, you don’t pay the top price.

We are real entrepreneurs ourselves and that means we are constantly looking at new developments and innovating. But always practical, pragmatic and with input from our customers.

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