Steam-connect expands with office telephony

If you need a contact centre platform and office telephony, until now you were always dependent on two different suppliers. Each with their own point of contact. That's no longer necessary: with its own platform Steam-connect, Codelogic is now a full-service provider and a single point of contact for all communications.

By Renée Müller

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22 September 2021

Steam-connect office telephony

Codelogic is proud of the milestone it has reached: its own contact centre platform Steam-connect is now full service with all the functionality of office telephony: telephone lines, call forwarding, fixed-mobile integration, integration with Teams – the possibilities are endless. “We built it ourselves and it is fully integrated,” says owner Daniël Cools. “We come from the call centre and know the practice well. We know what is possible and necessary and support our customers not only with our platform but also help them to grow by making optimal use of the possibilities. We do this mainly by making the staff work much more productively and effectively”.

Adding office telephony was a logical next step, after initially integrating other people’s solutions. Now everything is completely their own software with the great advantage that they can always make adjustments themselves if necessary and are no longer dependent on others.

First users live

The platform has been available since June and the first customers have migrated in the meantime. Eric Kochen is responsible for the appropriate implementation and thus for customer success. “Steam-connect has an incredible amount of functionality and the trick is to listen carefully to the client and to ensure that we support their wishes and ambitions as best we can. This is not just about making the software work properly, but also about thinking about growth and improvements in the way we work. We give customers more flexibility, more options and more scalability. And we advise on how to deal with that.””


With the renewed Steam-connect, an organisation is no longer tied to one operating system because it is platform-independent. Apple OS, Windows or Linux: it’s all possible. The scalability increases enormously; Codelogic does the hosting itself. Companies can grow at the pace that suits them, and the software scales seamlessly along. The advantage of cloud technology is even higher redundancy, better uptime, and the scale is not a breaking point. The investments in hardware are small with cloud services and that makes a switch easy.

The market

Daniel Cools sees a large market: “It is suitable for all organisations with customer contact. First of all, of course, for the companies with a lot of customer contact who (partly) outsource it and the companies who do it for them, the facility call centres. For example, we have two clients in printed media who work with our platform. Their facility call centres also work with our system in the execution phase, so that the clients are fully in control. In their dashboard, they see the state of affairs in real time, and they also comply with all laws and regulations.”

On the other hand, Codelogic focuses on the companies that have their own contact centre. Sometimes small, sometimes large, and with office telephony in addition. Different user requirements apply to both types of telephony (as well as mail, chat and other forms of contact), which is why different suppliers were often chosen. Steam-connect now enables everyone to be served effectively. In addition to the extensive contact center functionality, office telephony is also fully supported, with a huge range of functionality. A good example is the integration with Microsoft Teams, which allows calls to be made via both video and audio only. Just like the visibility of the availability of all employees: both in the contact centre and in the office environment, everyone can see who is available.

One point of contact for all communication services

Daniel Cools: “The ratio of the number of workstations between contact centre and office does not matter. Whether you have 5 customer contact employees and 300 office employees or a contact centre with 250 seats and 15 employees in support – you always benefit from all possibilities.”

“We look very closely at what the customer wants and supervise the changeover well,” adds Eric Kochen. “The system offers so many possibilities that we do not need any customisation to set it up optimally. We always consider the added value: what supports the employees and work processes best? The management of all telephony is simple, via a single interface. A lot is automated and everything is real time. A new fixed line, an extra mobile number, adjusted routing or activating fixed-mobile integration can all be easily adjusted yourself, without the need for an expensive external party. The extensive reports, wallboards and status pages are also real-time and customised.”

It’s all about the customer

Daniel Cools summarises: “Our solution is interesting for every organisation, but especially for those dealing with a telephone exchange that is being phased out, working with too many applications or lacking a good 360-degree customer view. One complete platform and one point of contact for everything is what we have to offer. And we always remain involved and think along about how our software can provide even more added value. Our existing customers can tell you all about that.”

Text: BBP Media Image: Zuiver beeld

This article previously appeared in CustomerFirst.

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