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Codelogic and Salesdock: to make selling by phone (even) more fun for sellers and consumers.

By Christa Lokkerbol

4.7 min read

2 June 2020

Salesdock and Codelogic

Telephone sales are on the rise: the corona crisis means that door-to-door sales are not possible, but people are tied to their homes a lot. There is more time for a conversation and, despite the large number of conversations, there are fewer complaints. This is grist to the mill of Codelogic and Salesdock: their collaboration is aimed at making telephone sales (even) more fun for sellers and consumers.

“Telesales is a wonderful industry. Television programmes such as Radar and Kassa could easily be filled with great stories about good conversations and ditto advice. But apparently, we don’t think that’s news. Speaking is Daniel Cools, cco of Codelogic, builder and supplier of customer contact solution Steam-connect. “Our platform is of course compliant with laws and regulations, and we regularly consult with the various sector organisations. Issues such as the telemarketing code, data security, ISO and caller ID are all incorporated into our product.”

Steam-connect can handle all types of channels, but an integration was recently built with Salesdock especially for outbound telephony. Mark Hekkelman, ceo of Salesdock: “Our platform is primarily aimed at facilitating the entire sales process and ensuring that every sales person, whether on the phone, at the door, at the table or in the shop, can sell easily and successfully. One of our largest target groups are organizations that sell a lot over the phone, such as energy and telecom, and want to distinguish themselves with a well-managed outbound sales process that supports employees and protects customers. Codelogic complements Salesdock well in this respect, and a collaboration is therefore very logical.”

What salespeople want

The integration gives salespeople support in making outbound calls. “For us, the sales rep is the most important. We regularly ask for their feedback and take their wishes into account in the further development of Salesdock. As a result, our application fits in very well with their way of working in practice. Sometimes it is about seemingly simple things, so they spend less time helping the customer. Enthusiastic sales reps often tell us that Salesdock is finally a system made for them. The collaboration with Steam-connect reinforces that wow-effect.” Hekkelman gives an example of how important it is to make things easier for salespeople. “I once worked at KPN, some 15 years ago. There I came up against the challenge that KPN had its own tool for each brand and product. We noticed that, as a result, sales in the external shops were not going well. It turned out that the sales staff found it all too complex and were therefore leaving KPN sales on the back burner. We then created one intermediate layer for the order input of all these products, which immediately doubled the turnover. For me, that was the ultimate proof: give sales staff simplicity and convenience, and the sales results will come naturally!

How does it work exactly?

If a customer indicates during a phone call that they would like to receive a quotation, the Steam-connect-Salesdock integration directly and automatically transfers all customer data from Steam-connect to Salesdock. This means that the quotation is pre-completed and ready for the sales rep to send to the customer with a single click. This saves time for the sales rep – no double work – and reduces manual errors. This process ensures that the customer has a pleasant telephone conversation and receives a clear, consistent proposal by e-mail (or text message) that he/she can read calmly and then agrees to with a digital signature. In this way you create process distance and space for the customer.

Doing what you do best

There is another lesson to be learned from the recent success of the cooperation. Cools: “You should mainly do what you are good at. That applies to both of us: we have no ambition to take over each other’s work and functionality. We do not deal with order flows, they do not deal with telephony. We look for the addition of appropriate partnerships and integrations. Hekkelman: “Actually, we both keep our names high and reliable by not doing things. This cooperation makes us a golden combination for our mutual clients. They get the best of both worlds – Salesdock goes for the frictionless experience for the salesperson (and buyer) and Steam-connect for ease, speed and simplicity in customer contact. Data only goes from one to the other when it’s relevant, such as automatically filling in data to send a quote.”

More plans

There are plenty of plans for the future. Cools: “We have the same vision of customer contact. This integration is the first step, but so much more can be done. Our clients often have a network of internal and external partners. It would be great if they could use the same platform that complies with all regulations, uses the same knowledge base and prevents customers from being approached several times with the same offer. And how nice would it be if, in a sales conversation about energy, a customer’s interest in solar panels or other products could also be noted, including permission to send information? This can then be taken up by other parties in the network. Customer-focused and good for the brand.”

The blacksmith’s secret

Hekkelman: “Sales must become personal again: knowing and recognising each other. The secret of the blacksmith lies in our integration in which the salesman has more fun and works easier, the consumer gets the right, personalised offer at home and the sales office is happy with the time saved and higher sales conversions. So it works out well for all parties!”

Text and photo: Customer First

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