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Omnichannel software from Steam-connect gives your customers a seamless experience, across every channel.

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For us, omnichannel really means omnichannel.

Create a unified and synchronised experience with omnichannel software by Steam-connect. All information will follow the conversation, no matter what platform is being used. You’ll never lose the storyline again.

In- and outbound

Organise inbound and outbound telephony efficiently. For customer contact, but also for appointment booking, lead generation or database enrichment. Can be integrated with office telephony.

Social Media

Omnichannel Software goes beyond calls and so we integrate with social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp for Business.

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SMS still has a very high open rate and gives your business a boost. So it goes without saying that it is included in Steam-connect. Want to send a reminder of an appointment you made? Absolutely no problem!


Receive and reply to all e-mail in the same screen as where other contacts are handled.

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Live chat is one of the fastest emerging customer contact channels. With Steam-connect you can easily add a widget to your website.

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Handle customer contact forms quickly and easily without agents having to switch between screens and tools.

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Blending customer contact, regardless of channel, makes your service flexible and efficient. Do this on the basis of skills or campaign, whatever suits the job best.


With our API you can connect your other packages to Steam-connect, such as your CRM or ERP solution. We also integrate with Salesdock by default.

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How busy is it, how effective are your agents and which campaign is the most successful? Steam-connect gives you insight into your entire contact centre.

… and all that in one single window. Curious about what it costs?

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Omnichannel vs. Multichannel

Multichannel is so 2021.

A multichannel contact centre is accessible on all channels, but they are separate. All information is fragmented and what a customer says on Facebook is already lost on Whatsapp. This is different in an omnichannel contact centre. Thanks to the software, you can keep track of every conversation seamlessly, from one single interface. You can imagine how happy a customer is when he doesn’t have to tell the same story over and over again.

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Calendar synchronization

Connect your calendar like a pro:

  • Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 & Google Agenda
  • Outlook for visitation reports
  • Reserve space for travel time between your appointments
  • Third-party access
  • Set a maximum number of appointments

Workforce management

Manage al your agents:

  • Extensive employee administration
  • Notifications on important events
  • Document management
  • Holiday and sick leave registration
  • Timetable module & payroll preparation

Call recording & listening in

Standaard in the software.

  • Integrated call recordings
  • We keep your files for two months as default, but longer is also a possibility.
  • Optional: copy your recordings to your own location with SFTP


Integrate like a pro.

  • Full-featured API
  • SOAP-support
  • Customised connection? We will help you out
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Omnichannel routing

Get the most out of your omnichannel strategy.

With Steam-connect omnichannel software, you effortlessly route all incoming contacts to the right agent. Whether a conversation takes place through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter or the phone, the experience remains the same.

And that’s going to pay off big time. Omnichannel routing and implementing an omnichannel strategy will take your cloud contact centre to the next level. Your agents will thank you, because they will suddenly work a lot more efficiently. Happy agents, happy customers, what more do you want?

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Safety first

Your customer data is in safe hands.

  • We are ISO 9001 & 27001 certified
  • Reliable hosting from Telecity Amsterdam
  • Network management via Uniserver
  • Your data is on a Dutch server and we backup twice a day.

  • MS Clustered SQL server, which meets the highest security requirements

Available anytime & anywhere

The omnichannel software is cloud-based

  • No need for your own servers, PBX or technical staff
  • Always access to the latest updates

  • Uptime of 99,98%
  • You can work wherever and whenever you want with Steam-connect
  • Monitoring through mobile devices

External services

We use a number of great external services:

  • Postal code check

  • E-mailchecker
  • IBAN-check
  • Social Media Trends
  • Signature mail
  • Travel time calculation

We are ready for you 24/7

Can’t work it out? Support is there for you.

  • Regular support from 8.30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Free 24/7 breakdown service

  • Available by phone, email or chat
  • We provide free training sessions every week
  • Consultancy, customisation and campaign building on request

What our customers say…

Klantgerichte organisatie met hoog service level

Sinds wij met Steam werken ervaren wij een prettig contact, hoog service level en up-to-date [...]
- Harmelen


Blij om al 6 jaar samen te werken met codelogic.
- Wommelgem

Handige tool waar alles mee kan

Ik ben een sales gedreven man en zeker geen techneut. Desondanks bouw ik volledig zelfstandig [...]
- Maasdam
3 customers rate us with a 9.7/10

Omnichannel Software

Frequently asked questions about onmichannel software.

Omnichannel is a customer experience strategy that connects all customer interactions across different channels.

Met een omnichannel strategie voer je geen gescheiden conversaties over verschillende kanalen, maar bundel je die kanalen. Een klant kan bijvoorbeeld contact met je nemen via een chatbot, zijn antwoord terugkrijgen in de e-mail en later weer reageren via Facebook Messenger. Zonder dat iemand de draad kwijtraakt.

Omnichannel contact centre software bundles all your contact channels in one interface. Whether your customer contacts you on Twitter, via e-mail or live chat: you have all information at hand in the same software.
Omnichannel software is suitable for any company with customer contact. We see that companies who hire a call centre benefit from the software, but also companies who mainly have customer contact via social media use Steam-connect.
The implementation of omnichannel software is a piece of cake. Together with you, we plan a day to get you started. Want to read more about the implementation? You can do so in our flyer.
The costs for omnichannel software depend on the number of seats. Curious about the costs? Our account managers will be happy to calculate the ROI together with you. Request a quote.
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Omnichannel software from Steam-connect vs. third-party software

We benchmarked the functionality of Steam-connect against other customer contact solutions.

Steam-connect klantcontact software
  • Implementation within two days
  • Scaling up? Directly possible
  • Omnichannel
  • No ICT knowledge required
  • 24/7, 7 dagen per week beschikbaar

  • Free support
  • Reply via phone, chat, email & social media
  • 100% SaaS

  • Teleworking possible
  • Usage invoiced per day
  • Total freedom of contract
  • Free updates
  • By default available in 5 languages

Third-party software

  • Implementation takes at least one month
  • Scaling up is made on demand
  • Singlechannel
  • Help needed from ICT department
  • Only available during office hours
  • You pay for support
  • E-mail response
  • On-premise or via VPN tunnels
  • Teleworking often not an option
  • Price per installed workstation
  • Contract for at least one year
  • Pay for updates
  • Additional languages on request

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