Steam-connect integrations.

Steam-connect wouldn’t be a software solution if it didn’t integrate with other systems. Our API is one to be proud of and we are. Thanks to Steam-connect integrations, your processes will run even smoother.

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Steam connect integraties

Default Steam-connect integrations.

The following integrations are standard for every Steam-connect user and can be ordered.

But of course you can also just integrate with the API.

Do you work with other systems and would like Steam-connect to exchange information with them? This is possible via the API. You can use this API to export information from Steam Connect to another system, or vice versa. These integrations have already been made:

Briggs & Walker
TIBCO Activespaces
EANcode boek
Oxxio systems

But Steam-connect can do much more.

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Receive and reply to all e-mail in the same screen as other incoming contacts


With Steam-connect you can easily add a widget to your website in your own corporate identity.

Social Media

Social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram are integrated in Steam-connect.