Quality Contacts steps into the future with Steam

Tuesday 18-12-2018 • Customer interview,engels

Quality Contacts is a company that offers a full range of contact centre services and is one of the medium-sized players in the industry. They handle incoming and outgoing customer contact over the phone and the Internet for Praxis, VodafoneZiggo, Engie and many other well-known brands. Quality Contacts has grown into an all-round provider of BPO customer contact services. “We are a call centre and the largest part of our activity consists of inbound assignments. For example, we manage customer service for a number of important companies, but that means that, in addition to incoming calls, we also need to deal with email processing, webcare and chat,” says Gijsbert van der Meulen, director of Quality Contacts.

Depending on the projects being carried out, there are between 400 and 500 employees at work at Quality Contacts. “The number of active employees is highly dependent on the ongoing campaigns. In addition to structural campaigns, we also take on recurrent assignments. When they end, we downscale the working hours,” says Kitty Vermeer, Sales and Marketing Manager at Quality Contacts. For the past six months, Quality Contacts has been managing a large part of its customer contact assignments in Steam, Codelogic’s customer contact platform. “We are now in the last stage of the migration process,” says Kitty.

Previously, they were working with a system which, to be sure, had more functionality and more options for the inbound and outbound call settings, but it also required a great deal of IT capacity to keep everything running. “It doesn’t really matter that you need to have more IT capacity available, as long as it all performs at least equally effectively,” Gijsbert explains. “If that’s not the case, then it’s better to get by with fewer knobs and switches and go for a system that’s easier to manage.”

“We have the feeling that Steam is going to develop better and faster.”


Over the years, Gijsbert has gained a great deal of first-hand experience with call centre software from various suppliers. He observes: “When had to select a new package, we went for Steam because we have the feeling that Steam is going to develop better and faster. In Steam, updates and new functionality are introduced in rapid succession.” Kitty adds to this: “Support was something of an issue with our previous supplier, which means it was the foremost condition in the selection of a new system. We have the feeling that Steam is more on target with support.

“We also checked whether Steam meets our clients’ current desires and requirements. And we looked into the possibilities for further expansion and for integration of different channels. It is all possible in Steam. Some of our clients also set conditions with regard to ISO certification, so the fact that Codelogic is ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified comes as an extra benefit.”


Quality Contacts employs a large team of remote workers who handle inbound and outbound calls from their homes. Gijsbert points out that there are no technical limitations in Steam. “The convenience of a simple system, a platform that works and that people promptly understand.”

“The convenience of a simple system, a platform that works and that people promptly understand.”

“Another thing I like is that, compared to our previous system, Steam comes with a lot of standard reports, scoreboards and live views. In the past, we had to do a lot of programming ourselves in order to retrieve specific information from the system.” Quality Contacts uses the reports to direct the organisation and provide performance feedback to its clients. “Thanks to the fact that the customer portal is easy to set up, our clients can promptly listen to conversations and see campaign results on the spot. In our business, it’s always important to stay on top of the results.”

Tips for other call centres

Quality Contacts is, due to its size, not a typical Steam customer. Gijsbert indicates that smaller call and contact centres can operate perfectly with Steam. “If smaller centres have to choose between two systems, they will get more bang for their buck with Steam.” For call centres that handle volumes similar to that at Quality Contacts, he is a bit more cautious: “I would certainly advise larger call centres to consider using Steam too, but they have to take into account that they will still need to put the necessary IT capacity into action.”

“For larger call centres, the challenge lies in having to deal with a lot of inbound contacts, inbound and outbound blending, a range of customers and campaigns and a wide variety of skills among employees. It’s possible to manage all of this in Steam, though more settings need to be adjusted. In addition, larger call centres also have a greater need for extensive manuals and tutorials. Another important issue worth considering is stability. For us, given our relatively large number of inbound activities, this is more important than for outbound call centres.”

Plans for the future

Even though Steam has not been fully implemented yet, Quality Contacts is already contemplating further steps. They have, among other things, recently discussed the use of integrated workforce management and registration of working hours. “We would like to handle this in Steam too, and we are going to discuss the idea. In addition, we are considering carrying out our quality management through Steam too. The objectives are, on the one hand, to comply with all the applicable legislation and regulations, and on the other hand, to integrate the agent-tracking system in Steam, to make it possible to log and monitor an employee’s professional development. We would prefer to do this as much as possible within a single system”.

Reference framework

“We are very happy to have a customer like Quality Contacts,” says Codelogic director Dennis Schabracq. “They are a prominent call centre with a wide range of customers, and Codelogic is proud to be able to provide its services to them. Their enthusiasm about Steam is an indication to other call centres and clients who want to have the software under their own management. Quality Contacts is a very good reference to convince other call centres that, for them too, Steam is the right solution.”