Social media management crucial for customer satisfaction

Monday 04-02-2019 • engels,General

While in the past customers frequently contacted a company by phone or email, nowadays social media are much more widely used. These are fast, readily accessible and cheap options for the customer, but extremely complicated for companies.

Your customers can quickly send a tweet or an SMS when they are on the road. They expect the company to respond quickly. But how can your company react as swiftly as a customer expects, through all the different social media channels?

Integrating social media into the customer contact system

Several tools are available to make social media management more orderly. You want to avoid having setups where your employees need to keep an eye on different systems, because that would lead to a cluttered environment in which a question or a complaint are easily overlooked. To make it possible to give prompt replies to social media posts, they must be routed along with the other forms of customer contact.

Steam can accommodate all forms of customer contact. You handle it all optimally, regardless of whether it takes place through inbound or outbound calls, email, chat, SMS, WhatsApp or other social media.

Smart integration of Obi4wan and Steam

A unique integration between OBI4wan and Steam has been achieved to handle customer contact through social media. Obi4wan is the most effective tool there is for media monitoring, webcare, chatbots and media insights. With Steam, you can give adequate responses, on every form of social media, without your agents or customer contact employees having to take any additional action. The options include:

  • Responding to a tweet or a review about your company.
  • Replying to a message on WhatsApp or Facebook messenger.
  • ‘Talking’ to a customer over chat.

Thanks to the smart integration, employees are not aware that the system of partner OBI4wan is being used. They are simply logged in to Steam and working on a campaign. During the course of their work, they receive inbound conversations and messages. To Steam it doesn’t matter where the communications come from. Employees reply from the Steam platform, using the same channel the inbound message arrived through. Customers receive a response to their questions as soon as an employee becomes available.

The customer receives assistance and feels happy there was such a quick response. An additional advantage is that the system can build up a complete contact history, regardless of the channels where contact takes place.

Are you interested in housing your social media in Steam, or would you like to know what the rates are? Please contact us.