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Call centres, customer contact centres, advertisers and other customer contact companies provide their customer experience with Steam-connect.

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Inhouse contact and call centres

Several call and contact centres often handle several types of customer contact for their clients. That’s why good tools are essential for all these forms of customer contact. Steam-connect allows you to organise all types of customer contact efficiently, blend customer contacts and design your call centre or contact centre exactly the way you want it.

I run a contact centre

You take care of your own customer contact

Many companies manage their customer contact through their own telesales department, Customer Contact Center or customer service department. With Steam-connect, you can be reached at any time and through any channel. Want to make more appointments for your sales staff? Use the highly advanced scheduling system that synchronizes with your own calendars.

I handle my customer contact myself

You outsource your customer contact

Do you outsource some or all of your customer contact, such as webcare, telesales or customer service? Then you can use Steam-connect to manage your own campaigns and all data in the desired manner. External facility call- or contact centres work in your environment. This gives you control over your campaigns, insight into performance and allows you to manage customer data.

I outsource customer contact

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