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As an advertiser or other organisation seeking the services of a contact centre, you can control the software package yourself and have several contact centres operate in a single environment. A key advantage of this approach is that you manage your own data at all times. Setting up several “locations” or “departments” in Steam means each contact centre involved is granted specific access and can monitor its own performance, while you supervise all the results achieved at all locations. Moreover, the uniformity in scripting, reporting and data processing increases your efficiency and helps you to reduce costs.


Why Steam call centre software?

Easy of use

Steam is easy to use for all your staff. It provides a single environment in which your staff can deal with all forms of customer contact. You can manage all parts of the system to make sure customer contact is carried out efficiently.

Easy campaign set-up

Despite the numerous options, creating and managing campaigns is easy. Without having to rely on an IT specialist, you can edit scripting, process new address files, deduplicate addresses, sort result codes at the campaign level and much more.

Multichannel customer contact

A company can let its customers choose how they want to be approached by setting up several methods of contact. Steam enables the agents to handle all methods, and the company ensures its customers are heard. The agent can decide how to approach the customer.

Agenda and travel time optimisation

Steam provides you with a personal agenda module which you can link to Microsoft Exchange, Google en Office365. The standard functions can be expanded with a scheduler that optimises travel time between appointments. Journeys are taken into account and appointments are scheduled efficiently. A unique feature is the possibility for an agent to ignore the standard appointment time (set by you) if the circumstances require so.

Comprehensive reports module

Make your figures talk. Many organisations still face difficulties when trying to interpret their own facts, figures and statistics. Our broad reporting module allows you to present your data according to your own design. Once you have established a report format, you can store it for later use in other projects.

Multiple locations and departments

If you set up several locations or departments within in a single campaign, you can supervise the performance of each unit, while they are at work with the overall data. To further optimise performance you can apply skill-based routing, to have a location carry out tasks that are assigned to another.

What our customers have to say about Steam

“With Steam we are even more efficient and customer-friendly!”

René Posthuma


“Steam continues to develop and adapts to the ever-changing and dynamic world of customer contact.”

Patricia Schra

@Soleo Contact Centers

“We give Steam a well-deserved 8 out of 10!.”

Hugo van Marlen


A complete package



Using Steam to set up your inbound call system means innovation and, of course, increased efficiency.


You need to design a system for outbound calls. From now on you can use smart functions provided by Steam.

Call blending

Blending all your customer contact operations will make your organisation flexible and efficient.


Steam can manage all your incoming and outgoing emails


Chats with customers and ensuring they have a positive experience when dealing with your organisation is also possible with Steam.


With Steam you can send SMS messages to serve as reminders of appointments.

Social Media

Possibilities for communications with your customers through various kinds of social media are fully integrated into Steam. Sites such as Twitter, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram and Pinterest can be handled effortlessly.


Steam enables you to gain insight into your customer contact processes and keep track of the resulting output.

Links (API)

A standard Application Programming Interface allows you to link third-party software to Steam. Consider the costs.

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